Correction & proofreading

I have worked with texts for many years and, in addition to my foreign languages, I above all maintain my knowledge of my German mother tongue. That’s why the correction & proofreading of German texts is a natural complement to the services I offer. I correct and proofread image brochures, staff magazines, material for trade fairs, product catalogues, etc. For you, this is especially relevant if, for example:

  1. You are an advertising agency and you wish your texts to be externally verified by another pair of eyes;
  2. You are an organisation which wishes its texts to be corrected before going to press, in accordance with the current rules of the German language, so as to avoid unnecessary additional costs;
  3. You wish to remove orthographical and grammatical errors from your Bachelor, Master, Diploma or other final submission in German before it is handed into the examinations office;
  4. You wish other types of texts to be corrected, in which good style and freedom from errors are important (e.g. personal correspondence, business letters, etc.).

In addition, I also offer proofreading of existing translations in accordance with the “four eyes principle”, as per DIN EN 15038.

Should you be unsure which service you require, then simply give me a call or send me an e-mail. I will be pleased to advise you.


I check your text for errors in orthography, punctuation, grammar, and hyphenation as per the new (or the old, if preferred) German orthographic rules.
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In addition to a thorough correction process, proofreading also includes a stylistic examination. This involves the correction of what I consider to be unclear formulations, repetitions, interruptions to the reading flow, etc.
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Proofreading of translations

In the proofreading of a translation, I fully examine a text which has already been translated, against the original text for correct translation and completeness, and if necessary I correct it.
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