EN 15038

I have largely based my processes on the European standard for translation services, EN 15038, and I am therefore able to guarantee a clearly structured and traceable mode of operation. A range of quality assurance measures ensure that the translation of your text is satisfactory in every respect.


My mode of operation naturally includes thorough research of parallel texts, background information, and other resources. For this, depending on the specialist area and research requirements, I search on the Internet, in specialist publications, and also in other sources.

Continuing education

For me, life-long learning is a given. In order to stay at the cutting edge in my specialist areas, or to become familiar with new areas, I continue my education permanently. For this purpose, I regularly attend training sessions and seminars. In order to create the most comprehensive possible overview of a subject, specialist books and journals form part of the research method of choice for me. This further education supplements the project-related research for important background knowledge, and so you as the customer benefit directly from this. In my blog I regularly inform you about the seminars which I visit.