I am a member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and support and act in accordance with the BDÜ’s Code of Professional Ethics (click here for the German version). For me, this means very specifically that I take on jobs only when I am sure that I can deliver punctually, and can guarantee high quality both linguistically and technically. I always deal personally with the jobs entrusted to me, and I support my customers myself. If events arise during the processing of a job which could impede its successful conclusion, I immediately advise the customer of this. For me, honesty and dependability are not mere empty words – they are the basis for each and every interpersonal relationship… especially in the world of business.

I always maintain confidentiality with the information which I receive from you. Whether it relates to the texts which you send me, or to information which we exchange by telephone – it is your business and mine only, unless you as the customer explicitly require me to pass the information on to third parties.

In addition, this also includes fairness to other translators. If you send me a translation for assessment or for proofreading, I will examine it fairly and without prejudice. I would not for a moment consider giving a poor assessment with the aim of persuading you to place more jobs with me.