In my day-to-day work I often collaborate with other translators from a wide range of languages and areas of expertise. I would like to introduce you to some of my colleagues, whose services may be interesting for you.

Denisa Ströhmer, Diplom-ÜbersetzerinDenisa Ströhmer, Graduate Translator

Languages: English to German, Spanish to German
Areas of expertise: IT, Tech/Engineering, Economics and Marketing

My dear colleague from Leverkusen is my first choice when it comes to proofread my translations, if a “four-eyes check” according to DIN EN 15038 has to be done. We also regularly exchange our professional experiences. She has gathered more than 10 years of work experience in multiple industries, among others automotive, hazardous materials management, internet and search engine optimisation, language services and electronics.

If you want to know more about Denisa Ströhmer, just visit her website:


Roya Bouchehrian, Diplom-ÜbersetzerinRoya Bouchehrian, Graduate Translator

Languages: English to German, Spanish to German
Areas of expertise: Economics, Finance, Law and Commerce
Sworn translator authorised by the Regional Court of Düsseldorf

She is the best choice, if you need your financial or economic texts to be translated into German. As I don’t translate these specialist areas, I can strongly recommend her services. After 13 years of working experience in the Research unit of the state bank WestLB AG, she is a real expert in these fields. Additionally, she is a sworn translator, so she is authorised to provide certified translations of your official documents.

If you want to know more about Roya Bouchehrian, just visit her website:


Translations from German or English into other languages

In many years working as a project manager and translator for different translation service providers, I have known many experienced, highly professional translators all over the world. Gradually, this network has grown, and now I have access to a wide network of language professionals for most of the languages. If you need a translation from German or English into other languages, for example Arabic, Czech, Turkish or Japanese, I am able to recommend you a skilled translation professional. If you want, I am also able to do the project management for you.