Translations in Adobe InDesign

Today, the use of Adobe InDesign is unavoidable for a media designer or for anyone at all who wants to create a catalogue, publicity brochure, or any other printed item. It is therefore also frequently necessary to translate InDesign files. If you require a German translation of your InDesign source material, I am able to assist you, even though I do not have access to InDesign.

For this, simply create the file for translation in the IDML exchange format (or INX for older versions), and send it to me with a PDF file for reference. I will analyse your files and make you a definite proposal which is non-binding on your part. If you engage me for the translation, I will translate your file(s) and send fully translated IDML files back to you. This process does not require Copy & Paste. You save time and money. Before the printing stage, send me a PDF file of the translated post-formatted file, so that I can review it in order that the text or layout can be modified in good time, if required. In this way, costly reprints can be prevented.

Please contact me if you have questions.