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Translating XML data from CMS

If you work in technical documentation, or are connected with it, then you know that today it is almost impossible to do anything without the aid of a content management system (CMS). With these systems, it is generally possible for technical writers to process and assemble instructions, manuals, datasheets, and other technical documentation in a convenient modular fashion. Usually, regardless of the CMS which is used, the contents are then available in XML format. The advantage of this is that XML can be easily processed in modern translation environments. I have a great deal of experience in processing XML data from Cosima Go!, Docuglobe, Smart Media Creator (SMC), and other content management systems. I am also able to handle XML files from Typo3 effectively.

I guarantee you that your XML files will be well formatted even after translation, and that you will be able to import them into your systems without any problems. If you have any questions, I will be happy to advise you.